E-commerce, Blockchain Technology
& Merchandise Collide

NFTreasure allows users to create NFTs & merch using their art or existing portfolio, then collect commissions through the NFTreasure platform while retaining 100% ownership of their designs and ideas.

Our Manifesto

Whether you’re a visionary project leader, a passionate memecoin degen, a simplifier of complex ideas, or a humor-driven yield-farmer, NFTREASURE is the launchpad to turn your big ideas into revenue and make a splash.

At NFTREASURE, we believe that simple and compelling visual concepts, or memes, have the power to change the world, ignite revolutions, pump bags, and make people laugh. In today’s digital age, memes are our universal language and catalysts for innovation.

Our designer and degen community understands that knowledge is amplified when visualized and shared within a passionate community. We use decentralized governance to ensure the best ideas rise to the top.

We Believe in Memetic Marketing

Memes simplify complexity and serve as entry points into new projects. They drive rapid growth and extend a project’s reach. Our mission is to help creators unlock the memetic power of their projects and grow a loyal following.

We Believe Brands Make a Difference

NFTREASURE provides tools to empower brands and individuals in the creator economy. Our features help build powerful reputations and engage communities. Brands thrive with an engaged community behind them, and NFTREASURE offers the tools to achieve that.

We Believe Anyone Can Pursue Their Dreams

The convergence of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and innovation creates a perfect storm for each of us to pursue our most audacious dreams. It’s a time to “meme your dream into existence.”

We Believe Merchandise Is a Flag

Just as nations staked flags to represent their values, we use NFTs, memes, and viral concepts as symbols to galvanize support for our best thinking. Merchandise bridges digital and physical worlds, attracting like-minded individuals and incentivizing community engagement.

We Believe in the Power of Community

Communities are built on shared visions, and memes accelerate adoption. Our tokenomics are designed to empower community members to collaborate with and grow the projects they care about. NFTREASURE is your tool to reward and grow a thriving community.

We Believe Innovation Is a Meme

Memes spread novel and memorable ideas quickly.They drive crypto growth and innovation, democratizing the process of starting a business. Innovation fuels more innovation.


Degens Run the World

Reformed degens are early adopters who embrace innovation, drive progress, and evolve through challenges.

We Believe in Visual Storytelling

Memes are the ultimate medium for telling stories and simplifying complexity. NFTREASURE empowers you to harness their power for good.

We Believe in DeFi’s Value Distribution

DeFi distributes value and incentivizes actions. At NFTREASURE, we use DeFi to promote and distribute decentralized decision-making, economic power, and memetic power.

We Believe in Democratizing Merchandise

We make premium merchandise accessible to all projects, regardless of size, with no upfront financial commitment.

We Believe in Authentication and Security

We ensure authenticity and security through NFC and NFT verification, safeguarding your brand and rewarding loyal community members.

We Create Merch for Maximalists

Embrace maximalism and create merchandise for your project or idea.We distribute proceeds fairly to our community.

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