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The NFT landscape has changed forever.

Long gone are the days of meticulously crafting an NFT collection, only to find the market didn’t quite agree with your love for the design.

NFTREASURE combines NFT technology with
e-commerce and print-on-demand (POD)
to allow creators to fully capitalize on their creative abilities

*(and there’s a big treat for defi degens hunting yield, too)

By merging NFTs with proven merchandising templates (shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, trading cards, and more), creators are now able to leverage their NFTs as revenue-producing digital assets.

Before we get into how the platform achieves this, let’s look at the opportunity that presents itself…

$8-Billion-Dollar Industry to Exceed $50-Billion by 2031.

Something large is occurring in the retail space.

And while COVID certainly wasn’t a good thing, it did come with some positives…

While traditional retail struggled to keep the lights on, the e-commerce train began chugging:

The e-commerce take-over. Source: Statista

Confined to living room couches and home offices, COVID forced shoppers to take their frenzied fingers online, resulting in a monumental leap for e-commerce (see above). 

Experts predict that 24% of retail sales will occur online in just 3 years from now.

And if that statistic isn’t enough to have you foaming at the mouth, cast your eyeballs upon the POD industry:

Print-On-Demand market size is expected to exceed $50 Billion by 2031.

That’s A LOT of CASH.

The middle man was officially chopped out of the equation, leaving big-retail scrambling to move products to the digital realm, while the little guy (us) was rejoicing in the streets. 

But what’s this got to do with Degens in the crypto/NFT space?

We thought you’d never ask…




The cryptocurrency sector now sits at a mouth-watering $1.25 Trillion market size, while its younger NFT sibling is bubbling away at a $5.8 Billion.

And here’s the thing about the space…

It’s jampacked with merchandising opportunities. 

99% of cryptocurrency and NFT projects use branding and/or merchandise to convey their message to communities.

When a brand is skillfully leveraged through premium merchandise, it creates a lucrative revenue-producing extension of the project.

And as is the case in all walks of life:

The better the execution, the higher the profits.

The best time to start capitalizing was yesterday, and the next best time is right now.

Want to kickstart your creative journey in the crypto/NFT space? Learn more about our unique toolkit and community right now.


Keep full ownership of your NFTs and let them earn while you sleep.

Gone are the days of feverishly crafting an NFT only to find out the market isn’t hungry for it.

Now you have the chance to create revenue from your NFTs before you sell them.

Keep full custody of your NFT, publish it on the NFTREASURE store and let it create revenue through merchandise sales.

Transform your NFTs into revenue-producing merchandise

But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right?

Here’s the catch…

The NFTREASURE community takes a percentage of each sale you make on the shopfront. 

Depending on your Key Level, you’ll make up to 40% commission of every sale you make.

No need for marketing, no need for branding. Leave all that airy fairy stuff up to our marketing wizards.

The only thing you’ll need to do is make some noise about it in the NFTREASURE Discord and let our marketing machine do the rest.

Speaking of which… start your creator journey with us…


The Only Upfront Cost is Your Creative Time.

What’s the biggest downfall (besides the whole non-crypto thing) associated with creating merchandise with big box printers?

Upfront costs. 

All the other ‘big boys’ ask creators to spot the fee before the customer money hits your bank account. This means if you craft a viral piece of merchandise and a $10,000 order comes through the pipeline, you can be asked to fork out up to $5,000 before even seeing a cent.

With NFTREASURE, things are a little different… 

In our search to empower the little guy with a (practically) barrier-less entry point, we made selling your first piece of merch as simple and risk-free as possible. There are no upfront costs to create merchandise – we foot the bill for production and delivery and take the associated costs when the customer’s payment clears. 

So, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching the creator economy explode, thinking “I know I’d be good at that. I just can’t seem to get started”.

NFTREASURE is the #1 place for you to begin your creator career.

By allocating a percentage of your profits back to the community, the relationship between creator and platform is a win-win proposition.

Baked into our share of your sales, you get the following:

  • HANDS-FREE FABRICATION: Create designs from the comfort of your own home and have zero involvement in the physical creation of the merch. 
  • NO UPFRONT COSTS: Start creating and selling with no experience or costs.
  • FREE MARKETING: If a design is gaining traction, NFTREASURE will promote it through all our channels to boost sales.
  • FREE EDUCATION: The community is jam-packed with free design, merchandising and POD tips from established professionals in the field.
  • FREE MARKET-ANALYSIS: Keeping tabs on trending crypto/NFT niches is the #1 way to create killer designs. Building in the NFTREASURE community means you’ll have your finger on the pulse, ready to capitalize on the next big thing.
  • FREE COMMUNITY: Starting a new project can be overwhelming on your own. A supportive community is a sure-fire way to overcome analysis-paralysis and remain accountable while succeeding with friends.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and pinch of ambition.


Profitable Pathways for Designers and Non-Designers alike. 

Don’t have a designer’s bone in your body, but have a strong intuition of what the market will love?

Browsing the NFT Marketplace allows you to snatch yourself a bargain before the rest of the world sees it and leverage it into revenue-producing merchandise. 

After your purchase, you’ve got three options to cash-in:

  • FLIP IT: Resell on the NFT Marketplace for a higher price.
  • EXTEND IT: Use your existing community and marketing channels to take a design that’s selling well, and supercharge it.
  • BOTH: Purchase an NFT, extend it through revenue-producing merchandise and then sell it after you’ve increased its value by way of store sales.

But more importantly, you don’t need to be an expert designer to create a killer piece of merchandise. 

Take a look at the following… 

Every single one of these simple, clever designs has gone on to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars:

A clever text combined with a simple image can outsell the most meticulous designs.

This trend is particularly pronounced in the Degen-riddled (us) space of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Got a knack for making people laugh or resonating with an audience? Get started in Discord.


The more you build with NFTREASURE, the higher your commission.

Loyalty is rewarded: Mint Your Key to get started.

  • When you mint your key you’ll immediately receive 10% affiliate commissions from any NFT designs in your wallet. 
  • Grow your commissions to 40% and capture a portion of all e-commerce sales by leveling up your key.
  • Buying and then burning SMRTR in our defi game allows you to level up your rewards.

“But why not just take my design and head straight to a big-box provider like Printify?”

Reason #1

Untapped Niches

Here’s the cold, hard truth about the e-commerce and POD landscape…

It’s brutally competitive and niches are highly saturated.

Keyword research and an armoury of design tools allow creators to tap into markets, expertly crafting designs that have consumers peeling open their wallets without thinking twice.

This isn’t the case with crypto/NFT merchandising… 

The fast-paced nature of cryptocurrency and NFT niches creates an
evergreen cascade of new merchandising opportunities. 

Wherever the attention of the masses goes, the dollars follow

And while evergreen content is a great way to capitalize, a shrewd creator with their finger on the pulse of the industry identifies (and capitalizes) on budding projects with a merch-hungry audience.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of merch-hungry audiences…

Reason #2

Cryptocurrency On-Ramps & Off-Ramps

Did we mention you can sell merch in various cryptocurrencies?

Degens – what’s the very first thing you’re inclined to do when holding a fat bag that’s just 10x’d in value? 


If you found yourself devilishly nodding along with that sentiment, you’re not alone. 

Crypto-maniacs are some of the hungriest, loose-handed (we speak from personal experience) customers you’ll ever find!

And a pumping token provides ample opportunity for creators to craft designs that hit a hungry, cashed-up audience. 

But wait for it – here’s the best part…

NFTREASURE allows customers to purchase their favourite merchandise in native cryptocurrencies aligned with that project.

That was hard to write, and probably even harder to digest. Let’s use Elon to illustrate…

When Elon tweets about his beloved DOGE and it sees a 30% boost, you can sell DOGE merchandise in the NFTREASURE storefront and have meme-hungry customers purchase your gear in DOGE. 

Make sense?

When you see a memecoin or NFT project that’s pumping, or a community who desperately wants merch—all you have to do is head into the NFTREASURE creator tool, whip up some designs, and send them the link. 

When their token pumps, they get to buy the gear with their profits. When it happens, it almost feels like getting it all for free!

Reason #3

Premium Apparel + Faster Shipping Times

Whether you’re extending your brand into merchandise or selling to individual customers, there’s no doubting that faster shipping times and high-quality merchandise create a premium experience for customers.

In our mission to improve the quality of merchandise across the industry, we trialled over 10 manufacturers before arriving at our chosen partner.

We work with true streetwear artisans who hand-press every garment then authenticate them on–chain with our NFC technology. (plus we’ve developed relationships with shipping agents to reduce international shipping costs). 

This is a far cry from the experience provided by big-box operations where can get left hanging for 8-14 weeks.

This leaves a sour taste in the mouths of paying customers, turning would-be repeat buyers into dead, cold brand-haters. 

And it’s not just the wait-times that leave customers with a dirty frown on their faces… The quality of the merchandise is of the utmost importance.

NFTREASURE merchandise comes with custom woven labels, luxury feel fits, and NFC technology embedded in garments.

Reason #4

Building, Growing, and Maintaining a Brand is Hard.

Firstly, avoid the hassle of building, growing and maintaining storefronts and brands – let our marketing infrastructure promote your designs for you.

No storefronts, no ‘digital identity’ and no branding requirements.

This allows you to remain completely anonymous while you experiment with hundreds of designs before one sticks.

And secondly, NFTREASURE is built by creators for creators. Pathways for aspiring creators have been built to minimize upfront costs and risks:

Zero upfront investment to get started, and a host of supportive creators building right next to you.

Reason #5

Starting a New Endeavour by Yourself is Harder.

The #1 thing holding 99% of aspiring creators back is not taking the first step. 

If that sounds like you, you might just need to immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded people.

Sound good? Hop in the Discord!



Not interested in creating eyeball-popping merch?

Prefer to sniff around the back of a project and ‘Defi’ your way into some tokens? Well…

We’ve created a way for you to capture the value of everything we just mentioned above.

Welcome Home, Degen. 

You’re just the type of Degenerate that we’d love to have more of around here…

Scratch that speculative itch with a math-based Defi game that rewards giga-brains who can figure it out. 

Mint a Treasure Key. Upgrade Key Level. Stake tokens. Earn TRESR.

10-40% of every e-commerce sale is used to increase defi game rewards.

It’s as simple as that!

But before you start fattening your wallets in the Defi game, join our Discord to figure out all the available strategies.

We can’t wait to create something with you.